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AAA Piano Service Offerings

Pricing Overview

Piano tunings are on a sliding scale based on difficult of setting the tuning pins to pitch (A440) or near pitch. Pricing starts at $185 which includes a cleaning (a savings of $45) and minor adjustments. Any repairs beyond this are job costed at $45 per hour.   

Piano voicing improves evenness of tone or desired brightness / darkness of tone requested by customer. Around 1.5 hours at $45 per hour labor rate. 

Key top replacement(s) costs $150 for all 59 white keys replaced. Work time and cost depends on how many white keys need replacing and glue time. Between 2 - 4 hours.

Contact us for a quote.

String replacement(s) cost is dependent on number of strings needed to be replaced. Contact us for a quote. 

Full regulations (full including felt replacement)- $150

Hammer voicing (shaping to help them sound brighter or warmer) - $150 

Half regulations (includes all keys and action screws adjusted to manufacturers specifications; no felt replacement) - $75

Piano Moves - contact Scott for a referral.  Once the piano is moved, Scott can follow-up with a tuning after 2 weeks settle time.  

Refinishing Services - contact Scott for a referral for this service as well.  

Contact Scott at 206-851-9770 or to request a quote or schedule an appointment.

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